Nolan is two-belt champion

Nolan McGee took the 24kg Sandee Belts for Thai Boxing and K1.

Nolan McGee, aged 7 from Spennymoor, represented his Thai boxing club Phoenix Muay Thai, who are based in Shildon at the Sandee WTKA Championships on 30th and 31st March at the Barnsley Metrodome.

He competed in both Thai Boxing and K1, which resulted in him becoming champion in the 24kg category for both, winning a Sandee Belt for each.

As it was Mother’s Day on the Sunday he told his mam he was going to win a second belt for her, and that is what he did!

Coach, Gary McAllister said: “Nolan has dreamed of winning the belts for a long time, so to come away with two is amazing!

“He is now back in fight camp preparing for the British open in Birmingham on 28th April before he travels to Cyprus on 3rd May to represent his club, town and country.

“He is living his dream and hoping good things will come to him in the future.”

Nolan’s dad, Gavin said: “Nolan would like to thank his coach Gary for everything he does.

“For him it really does mean everything to him.

“Thanks also to all his sponsors: Bodytech UK, Quinn’s Inn, North East Tyre Services, Wright’s Builders and Delocks Hair Extensions and Beauty for helping him in this amazing journey!

“Nolan is also now a Sandee sponsored athlete, which is a massive opportunity for him.”


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