Learning Curve Group offer fully funded online courses

Learning Curve Group has opened its flexible learning courses to all.
Learning Curve Group has opened its flexible learning courses to all.

With social distancing now in force, Learning Curve Group, based at DurhamGate in Spennymoor, has launched an #EducateWhilstYouIsolate campaign to provide free access to its suite of flexible learning courses.

A spokesperson said: “We have extended the eligibility criteria for the online enrolment and induction process for our suite of over 40 flexible learning courses, which means anyone can now have access to the courses, whether they have studied with us before or not.

“Our courses are completed online, which allows you to gain skills without having to attend a classroom and whilst stuck at home.

“So, if businesses are sending their staff home, why not take the time to study something you’ve always been interested in, do some extra continued professional development and, most importantly, keep your mind active.

“Courses cover key sectors and topics including Mental Health Awareness, Understanding Autism and Digital Skills.”

You can view the flexible learning courses and sign up on their website.

All courses are free to the learner.


  1. I think these sort of initiatives are really positive. I personally don’t believe this predicament will last anywhere close in relation to the scale of the measures that have been implemented, but there are virtues in younger people taking it upon themselves to find their own educational paths and there are so many great resources online nowadays.

  2. Can I just add also, crucially, that these initiatives are FREE. That means that the learning itself either from this resource or any other online is being taught or offered for the sake of learning alone, and I think crucially we need to distance ourselves from this belief system that anything we offer as individuals and businesses must have a monetary motivation behind it. At the very least, this troubling passage of time offers us all personal reflection on what really matters….and it isn’t money. 🙂


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