Kind-hearted Tia sets out her stall for key workers

Tia Mousavifar and her family at her fundraising stall.
Tia Mousavifar and her family set out her fundraising stall for key workers.

Nothing was going to stop kind-hearted seven-year-old, Tia Mousavifar of Bishop Auckland as she stepped up to help raise funds for key workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Year 2 pupil from St Anne’s C of E Primary School has always wanted to help out good causes and, when the pandemic struck, decided she wanted to raise money for the NHS.

She took the opportunity to put her fundraising idea into action by setting up a regular stall outside her house to sell books, sweets and games, enlisting the help of her friends who all made donations to the cause.

Tia said that she was sad that people were still dying but felt that by fundraising she could help people’s lives become better.

Assistant Head Teacher at St Anne’s, Miss Taylor, saw Tia busy setting up her stall one morning on the way to the school and wondered what she was doing. She stopped to talk to her and was amazed by her kindness and dedication, so she shared Tia’s good deed on the school’s Facebook page as well as visiting the stall each day.  

She said: “Tia started her stall selling books, sweets and games. She was really organised, well prepared, and also considerate of the safety of people visiting the stall. 

“I saw her exercising social distancing and she was equipped with disinfectant wipes to keep her items clean and safe and sanitiser for customers to use prior to handling money or items. 

“For four days Tia worked tirelessly raising money for key workers and I also saw her out clapping, singing and supporting the NHS Clap on Thursday evening.

“I believe her mum has been an excellent support too, helping Tia set up the stall, looking after her money and taking her to shop for and deliver items.

“Tia and her mum cleaned and disinfected plastic baskets and filled them with food, tea, coffee, treats and much more to help those working hard to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Hampers were delivered to paramedics, local care homes and the hospital with a message from Tia.”

Tia’s mam, Paula said: “I am so proud of Tia. She has always wanted to do something to help people. She would always ask Mrs Simpson, the Chaplain at St Anne’s, if there was something she could do.

“I think when the lockdown happened, she saw an opportunity to do what she has always wanted to do and fundraise for charities. It was completely her idea and I am amazed at the response and donations we’ve had over the four days. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated.”

As Tia and her mam have been delivering the items to paramedics, local care home and the hospital, Tia has been putting the following message in with the packages:

“Here’s a little appreciation from myself and everyone who donated to say thank you for your amazing work. I have sold my toys and books outside my house for the last four days and raised an amazing £240.

“I decided to divide between our local hospital, care homes and other key workers in Bishop Auckland because I wanted to raise money to buy you coffee, tea, cakes and biscuits. I really hope you enjoy them. Love from Tia.”

Tia would also like to continue her fundraising in the future and is going to contact local charities to offer her support. 


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