Community defibrillator unveiled in Chilton

A defibrillator has been insatalled on the outside of Chilton Town Council's offices.
Chilton Town Mayor, Cllr Elizabeth Bruce (centre); Alex Mason, North East Ambulance Service's Community Resuscitation Officer and Gary Armstrong of Armstrong Electrics unveil the new Community Defibrillator sited at Hutton House in Chilton.

Chilton Town Mayor, Councillor Elizabeth Bruce, met with Alex Mason, the North East Ambulance Service’s Community Resuscitation Officer and Gary Armstrong of Armstrong Electrics to unveil the new Community defibrillator which has been sited at Hutton House in Chilton.

The trio have worked in partnership to have the defibrillator purchased and installed at this central point in the town, close to local shops, the public house and the care home.

Chilton defibrillator plaque
A plaque has been installed alongside the defibrillator.

Councillor Bruce said: “I am pleased to see this defibrillator in place in the heart of the town. It has been funded in part by my Mayor’s charity fundraising efforts and in part by a grant from the North East Ambulance Service’s charitable trust fund, supported by Alex and it was a lovely gesture when Gary of Armstrong Electrics said that he would install it for us.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported my charity fundraising and thank you to my council colleagues who agreed that it could be situated at Hutton House, where our staff can undertake the required weekly maintenance checks.

“When things return to a little bit like normality, Alex has said that she will provide some training sessions in the community and it is hoped that, with her further help, we may be able to provide another defibrillator in the town.”

Alex added: “It is great to be able to support local communities in installing public access defibrillators.

“They can make the difference in the first few minutes after someone’s heart stops beating.

“They are easy and safe to use as they will only shock a heart that needs it, but for every minute that passes without someone doing CPR and using a defibrillator, that person’s chance of survival decreases by around 10%.

“Whilst we can’t deliver face to face sessions at the moment, I would actively encourage anyone that wants to know what to do in this situation to go the Resuscitation Council UK website for further information.”


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