Blooming marvellous allotments

Tommy Shaw (Allotment secretary) Clive Maddison (Spennymoor Mayor) and Lawrence Dunnett (Allotment Chair).

Residents of Spennymoor’s Clyde Terrace and its surrounding areas think that their new community garden is ‘blooming marvellous’, thanks to support from local and former County Councillors, Spennymoor Area Action Partnership (AAP), Spennymoor Town Council and local housing provider Livin.

Clyde Terrace Allotment Association had searched long and hard for support for a community garden after one of the plots on the site had fallen into disrepair. In order to aid this process the Allotment Association approached Spennymoor AAP for help and assistance.

AAP staff were able to bring together the then County Councillors Ian Geldard and Pat Lawton and current County Councillor Kevin Thompson, along with landlord Spennymoor Town Council and Livin to provide funding for the group to develop the plot.

The Councillors provided £22,383 of funding towards the project with Spennymoor Town Council and Livin providing additional support to ensure the site could be redeveloped. The real hard work, however, was undertaken by the members of Clyde Terrace Allotment Association who put in numerous hours to make the project a success.

The result is a superb new community garden, featuring wheelchair access, seating areas meeting room and potting shed, along with an eco-toilet and raised beds, allowing all residents to go along and participate in the tending of the garden or just to simply enjoy the lovely surroundings.

The garden was officially opened by Spennymoor Town Mayor Clive Maddison on Thursday 23rd August. The garden is currently open from 9am till 5pm and visitors are welcome to have a look round.

Tommy Shaw, Chair of the Allotment Association, said: “It’s lovely to see the garden open after all the hard work that’s gone into it, and we are really grateful for all the help we have received.”

Spennymoor AAP Co-ordinator Michael Wilkes stated: “It’s great to see the community come together to create this superb asset for the local residents. All parties have worked really hard on this scheme and the reward is this fantastic new facility. We hope the whole community embrace this community garden and actively get involved in maintaining it for the future.”


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