Shildon – Not Forgotten: New book

Shildon – Not Forgotten is the latest installment from Shildon author, Mia Thomas provides a detailed account of Shildon’s birth and progression, from its origins to its expansion after the coming of the railway and on to the Great War.

It has a particular focus on Shildon soldiers and their families during the war and the author hopes that, after seeing images of Shildon men during WWI, a spark of curiosity about the reader’s own family history will catch fire.

Chapters covered in the heavily illustrated, 430 page book include: “Early History”, “Religion”, “Education”, “Soldiers”, “Black Gold” and “Bands and Entertainment”.

Mia said: “There is nothing I like more than to open a door into someone’s world, especially soldiers.

“What I learned while putting this book together is that heroes come in all shapes and sizes and also from very humble backgrounds.

“They were rough men, plainly spoken, but were reliable and trustworthy and as you will discover, very brave. Shildon can be more than proud of its fighting men.”

The book, costing just £10, is available to buy from the Co-op New Shildon and most newsagents in the town.


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