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You would have to be living under a rock not to have noticed our recent spell of wintry weather. Icy winds, freezing rain and thunder snow – thunder snow! I had no idea it was even a thing until this winter.

Just when we thought we were out of winter’s grip the ‘Mini beast from the East’ arrived, once again delaying our springtime outdoors fun, grass cutting and garden toy cleaning, keeping us stuck inside in our knitwear once again. And now learn there may be more to come on Easter weekend! Surely not?

Easter activities sledging snowIt’s all good fun when it first starts to settle, everything looks pretty, all the muck is blanketed over with immaculate white snow, we dig out the woollies and the sledges and drag ourselves out to the nearest slopes.

Rocketing downhill, feeling ever more like a child with our every go, and then climbing back up to the top again (which, btw is surely classed as a workout!) doing it again and again, feet so cold we can’t feel them any longer, noses running, cheeks red raw. Setting up the kids at the top of the hill, pumping them with encouragement and instructions as to how to not topple over and to sit up straight, only for us to wince as they fly off down what now looks more like a mountain – it’s all fun and games, and we love it.

But after days of being imprisoned indoors, and the novelty of the sledging slowly but surely wearing off, we now need to pull some real tricks out of our sleeves to keep the kids entertained and stop us from pulling our hair out.

The first thing I do in when the weather restricts us from leaving the house is to jump onto Pinterest.

I thought it would be useful to put together some ideas of things to do that will bide us some time until spring properly arrives and earn us some parent points in the process.

The first thing I do when the weather restricts us from leaving the house is to jump onto Pinterest. If I’m completely honest, it’s the first thing I do on any occasion but for the purpose of this post I am going to claim I only use it in times of lacking inspiration.

If you haven’t explored Pinterest yet then you are missing out already. It is not just for the ‘crafty’ types as some may believe, it is choc-a-bloc full of activities, recipes, ideas for parties, printouts, inspiration for your home etc. etc., and my go-to for every event in every season.

Just visit the site and search through millions of ideas. If you love a post then you can ‘Pin’ it to your virtual pin board. You can organise your Pins on to different boards e.g. Winter Activities, Summer Meal Ideas… you get the gist. If you don’t have access to a printer then just save your pins and write them down.

One of the first ideas that will not only be fun but useful, is to begin some Easter Crafts. This will then provide an activity for the kids to do whilst keeping you one step ahead with Easter décor to hang around the house in a few weeks’ time. Some ideas of easy crafts to do are:

Salt Dough Easter Egg hanging decorations

Easter activities salt dough easter eggs

Using a combination of salt, flour and water to create a dough you can then shape small pieces into Easter egg shapes. Use a pencil or straw to make a hole in the dough before drying, this will be for the ribbon once decorated. Leave to air dry overnight and then bake following instructions. Once cool you can paint and decorate with glitter and Easter colours, leave to dry before making a hanging loop with ribbon and hang them around your home.

Paper plate bunny masks

Easter activities paper plate painting

A great way to make use of any paper plates you might have left over from a kid’s party. These can be painted and decorated in countless ways, you could cut out and attach ears to make a bunny or cover in cotton wool balls to make a sheep.

Bunny paw prints for an Easter scavenger hunt

Easter Bunny paw printDraw around the bottom of a cup to make the main part of the paw, then draw 3 smaller circles above this top, left and right to create the paw shape. Cut around the shape as a whole and use as a template to draw more matching footprints. Once all prints are made the kids can colour them in and they can be used for a hide and seek game or during an Easter Egg hunt.

There are also some quick and easy cooking ideas to do with the kids, that take minimal preparation and don’t cause too much mess:

  • Pitta bread pizzas, with a selection of toppings for the kids to choose from. They could even create funny faces or animals.
  • Cupcake making and decorating. These could become Easter themed by chucking some chocolate eggs on top.
  • Chocolate Brownies with Crème eggs.

Here’s a list of some indoor play activities for any bored children:

  • You could set up an indoor scavenger hunt, making a list of items for the kids to find (the trickier the better).
  • Keepy-Uppy game with balloons.
  • Cuddly toy bowling.
  • An ABC hunt.
  • An obstacle course.
  • Homemade Playdough.
  • Make up a dance.
  • Den building.
  • Colour sort the Lego.

These are just a handful, but the possibilities are endless.

As soon as the weather warms up and the outside begins to dry then we can enjoy lots of fresh air and days at the park. I know that I will be letting the kids run wild in the garden as soon as the weather allows. Now seems a good time, before the snow returns!


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