Cleves Cross Mini PACT meeting

Cleves Cross Ambassadors for Community Change participated in a mini PACT meeting recently, with their comments and concerns later passed on the the full PACT meeting.

Cleves Cross Primary School’s Ambassadors for Community Change recently helped chair a Police and Communities Together meeting.

The meeting took place in school with PACT Chair, Val Watson and PCSO, Megan Willis in attendance. 

The meeting was also  attended by other Key Stage 2 pupils and provided the opportunity for them to talk about any issues or concerns that they have about their community. 

The children’s comments were then passed on at the full PACT meeting which is attended by the police and local councillors.

Val Watson said: “It was a really good meeting with some excellent questions. 

“One boy asked me how many fines had been given out for litter so I have contacted Durham County Council to find out.” 

The event, was organised by Approach Too as part of the Ambassadors for Community Change project  and enabled children in the community to have their voices heard and listened to.


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