Broom Broom races for Broom!

Broom Broom goblin cart races for Broom

The Y5 children at Broom Cottages have been fortunate to be involved in an exciting Goblin Kart project.

They were successful in receiving kind sponsorship and funding from Durham County Council and also the REECE Foundation, which supports engineering in the North East through funding and education.

Durham County Council provided sponsorship so that all of the Year 5 children could work with Cummins engineer, Amit Kumar during school time and during some after school sessions to build a Goblin Kart from kit.

The children then worked in school to design and complete the bodywork on the kart.
The children named their car ‘Broom Broom!’ and raced their Goblin Kart against other schools at the Croft Race Circuit on Tuesday 26th June.

The school also received funding from the REECE Foundation so the children could build a second Goblin Kart as part of an exciting STEM project (a toolkit which provides resources to help teachers to carry out enquiry-based project work with their students) which was part of the Great Exhibition of the North (GEOTN) held in Newcastle.

The project worked with the Greenpower Education Trust and involved a team of 16 Year 5 children working with a professional volunteer engineer from Cummins to build a car from kit, then design and build and fix their own body work.

The children travelled to the Mining Institute in Newcastle on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th June and built the kart in front of a public audience.

The children named this Goblin Kart the ‘Ferryhill Flying Machine’.

The Goblin Karts are powered by electricity. The cars are raced against other schools in events organised by Greenpower.

The children raced one at the Croft Race Circuit on June 26th and will also be racing both on Thursday 5th July at Newcastle.

The races involves two or three karts racing together in a timed event travelling in a straight line, followed by a slalom type course, involving parking skills and then a sprint race driving around the F24 track with a transponder fitted to the car for timing.

The children designed one car on a theme of plastic polluting the oceans, and the other on vehicles polluting the environment.

The project hopes to inspire young children to become future engineers.


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