24/7 defibrillator installed after Mayor’s fundraising success

Shildon Town Mayor, Cllr Peter Quinn and consort, Cllr Shirley Quinn unveil Shildon first 24/7 accessible defibrillator.

Since becoming the Mayor of Shildon in May this year, Cllr Peter Quinn has been working to raise funds for the good causes he has chosen.

One of the causes was for a publicly accessible defibrillator to be installed in the town.

Cllr Quinn, along with his wife and consort, Cllr Shirley Quinn and their daughter, Cllr Hannah Hanratty, have held events including race nights, quiz nights, themed evenings, raffles and coffee mornings to raise enough money to deliver the mayor’s priority cause.

With his current total already far above his expectations, he has gone ahead and purchased the defibrillator, which has since been installed at the entrance of Shildon Town Council Building.

The life-saving device is now in operation and registered with the North East Ambulance Service, as well as other registration services.

This is a first for Shildon as, although there are other defibrillators in the town, this is the first to be accessible to the public 24/7.

In the event of an automated external defibrillator (AED) being required, the code for the lock is obtained by dialling 999.

This ensures that the Ambulance Service is always notified that there is an emergency in the locality and, therefore, an ambulance is also deployed.

In the event of a cardiac arrest, the caller will be advised that there is an AED in the proximity, its exact location and the access code.

Shildon Town Clerk, Tracey Bellas said: “On behalf of all Shildon residents, we would like to thank the Town Mayor, Councillor Peter Quinn, for his fundraising prowess and public-minded spirit and wish him continued success in his fundraising endeavours, of which the town and its residents will be the main benefactors.”


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